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"Love Songs" by Regan Ryzuk
Words and Music by Regan Ryzuk

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Selected Piano Works of Regan Ryzuk, Volumes 1-5
Composed by and Performed by Regan Ryzuk

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"New Concepts" by the Regan Ryzuk Septet

Enjoy the music of the Regan Ryzuk septet. Composed by Regan Ryzuk, "New Concepts" is an intriguing work where jazz meets classical.

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All original new music written by Regan Ryzuk. Featuring:
Regan Ryzuk, Piano                               Willy Dalton, Guitar
Marty Fogel, Saxophone                       Rob Henke, Trumpet
John Hvasta, Drums                               Marco Vitali, Violin
John Richards, Bass


"New Concepts is a high quality set of 21st century jazz, tied to various traditions but always looking ahead and delightfully unpredictable."
- Scott Yanow, Jazz Critic and Author

Dubius Cafe in Dubai
Storm in the Desert
"The Lodger" - A Musical Thriller - Selections

The Lodger: A Musical Thriller is  collaboration of Mary and Regan Ryzuk has yielded many incredible productions, but none so great as the musical about Jack the Ripper. Inspired by the novel "The Lodger", with music by Regan and Books and Lyrics by Mary, the musical paints a portrait of a family and how their lives are changed by one man. This collection of pieces is from the original release of the musical "Jack the Ripper" which has been rewritten and renamed "Hunt".


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"Jazzical Fusion"

An album produced by Boston Records. Jazzical Fusion combines classical and jazz favorites into a unique listening experience. This CD was recorded in May of 2012, prior to the Russian Tour and the Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asian-Pacific Region.

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Martin Piecuch (Woodwinds)

Regan Ryzuk (Piano)

Ron Murray (7-String Guitar)


"...a delightful potpourri of music from Classical, Samba, Jazz and Baroque, with a few other styles added in. It’s a remarkable display of versatility, styles and hip arrangements."
-Albert Regni, Saxophonist, the New York Philharmonic; prominent NY studio artist

"From the Mind Of" -  A Collection of Preludes and Fugues

This collection came as a result of improvising for ballet classes over several years and the majority of this collection was composed over a three month period while living in Bern, Switzerland. Paying homage to many of the rules and foundations set forth by J.S.Bach, this collection of 48 preludes and fugues adds a personal twist while still maintaining the integrity and structure of the classic preludes and fugues. Limited, Numbered Release.

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".. . quite a bit more than a tribute to J.S. Bach, whose Well-Tempered Clavier, an exploration of all the major and minor keys, serves as his model. Mr. Ryzuk has so perfectly absorbed the intricate craft of Bach that he has undertaken to compose his own set of preludes and fugues and has developed them with great ingenuity and invention as well as a mastery of Bachian counterpoint. Altogether, this is a daring undertaking for the 1990's and one richly realized in the composer's own piano performance."
- Dick Hyman

"Regan Ryzuk is a remarkable musician. His talents bridge the distance between inventive jazz piano and classical composition. Even as daunting a form as ‘Inventions and Fugues In All Keys,' which Bach employed to establish our tonal system, poses no apparent problem to Mr. Ryzuk's abilities. Using contemporary harmonies to bring this idiom into our times, his inherent melodic sense produces forty-eight moving pieces of music. If you have not heard Regan Ryzuk, prepare yourself for a treat.
-Judd Woldin


"In the case of Regan Ryzuk's ‘New Contrapuntal Piano,' the patterns that emerge – especially rhythmic patterns – bring to mind Baroque models, while its harmonic colors often reflect the workings of a more contemporary sensibility. What are we to make of the combination? Perhaps it can be seen as a kind of fugue between two worlds, the more contemporary chasing the older, as it flees farther into the past. In history, as in music, the circle continues."
-Stuart Isacoff
"Very nice. When will you write the second set like J.S. Bach?"
-Herbert Blomstedt - San Francisco Philharmonic Artistic Director 

"Grand Grand Concert" - With Rio Clemente

Grand Grand Concert: Enjoy the music of Rio Clemente and Regan Ryzuk playing two pianos. This fantastic compilation includes songs such as Fats Waller's Jitterbug Waltz, J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations, Duke Ellington's Prelude to a Kiss plus originals by both composers. This duo has been called virtuosic and exemplary by George Kanzler of the Newark Star Ledger. This CD is one not to miss.

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Live at Watchung Arts Center


"Jitterbug Waltz"

Featuring: Regan Ryzuk and Rio Clemente

LIMITED EDITION: "Midnight Madness" - Phase

Phase was a New Jersey based quartet formed in 1978. It featured Regan Ryzuk (piano, Moog, Celeste), Dave Anderson (electric and Anscor stereo guitar), Carl Scariati (Carl Thompson electric bass), and John Hvasta (drums/tympanis). All members were young but highly accomplished musicians with a serious interest in jazz, classical composition, and progressive rock. Their high energy instrumental music clearly demonstrated these influences. The music of Phase can easily be classified as fusion but there are strong undercurrents of progressive rock that weaves its way through the album - not just in terms of the instrumentation or playing, but the compositions as well.

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"Instrumental progressive jazz rock of the highest caliber. From the very start this album explodes out and doesn't leave you with much room to catch your breath!"

-Official Press Release

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